democrat bobby bliatout for congress.

caring for our veterans.

Americas' war veterans have a special place in my heart. After all, my family fought as part of the American mission in southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. I consider them American veterans as well. 

So when I see veterans who are unemployed, without adequate housing, or even wandering the streets suffering from effects of PTSD or TBI–frankly, it makes me mad. 

I believe we can do better. If elected to Congress, I will work to reform the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to make it more pro-active in caring for American veterans. 

No American veteran should return home from war only to find they have no job, nor a place to live, or adequate healthcare coverage.
— Bobby Bliatout

facts about our vets 

  • There are roughly 24 million vets in the United States.

  • 200 veterans every die of suicide.

  • The Vietnam War has the most veterans at 7.8 million.

  • 3.4 million veterans have a service-related disability.

  • 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans suffer from PTSD or TBI.

  • California has the highest number of veterans (2.1 million.)

Source: Bureau of Veterans Affairs

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Every American that has fought for their nation deserves the dignity of knowing their sacrifices are respected and bear the fruits of prosperity
— Bobby Bliatout

reforms for the veterans administration 

Work to ensure that VA services are readily available especially in rural areas.

Provide mental health recovery services, including PTSD/TBI and suicide services, using the full extent of government resources. 

Work with landlords and local veterans' groups to ensure Veteran Section 8 vouchers are fully used. 

Hold VA-sponsored housing and health care training to assist our veterans.