A little common sense can STOP the madness.

A little common sense can STOP the madness.


Enough is Enough!

The horrific events in Florida should cause a long overdue and serious conversation across our nation about how to address these continuing and unchecked acts of gun violence. We owe this much to the victims of these crimes.  

As an owner of firearms, I know firsthand how important it is to be a safe and responsible steward of your weapons.  Like most gun owners, I overwhelmingly support common sense solutions to help ensure that individuals facing mental health issues cannot easily purchase a gun.

Unfortunately, the Trump Administration, the GOP, and Devin Nunes have lost all common sense and basic human empathy on this issue. This isn’t something new and is the result of a blind allegiance to a small but fanatic faction of gun owners and their well-funded lobbyist like the NRA.

It must be pointed out today, that last year President Trump revoked rules that were in place that would have prevented some individuals with mental health issues from purchasing a gun. This is exactly the type of common sense regulations that our nation, and gun owners, overwhelmingly support.  Yet, President Trump decided to pander to the most radical of gun owners and their big money lobbyist with this action.

We can no longer allow the extremists to control this discussion and stop the implementation of common sense solutions like universal background checks and provision to restrict the sale of guns to those that are facing serious mental health issue. We owe it to the students and faculty who lost their lives in Florida to find the courage to stand up for what we all know is morally right.

Please join me in calling on the President and Congress to stop playing politics with the lives of our children and adopt the common sense gun safety solutions that an overwhelming majority of Americans support.

Because, Enough is Enough!