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yes, i want democrat bobby bliatout to DEFEAT devin nunes.  


A Message from Bobby Bliatout


I am Bobby Bliatout. I’m a non-profit health care executive, a farmer, and a husband and father.

I would like to ask your support for my candidacy for U.S. Congress. While, I believe that Devin Nunes has continually violated our precious American rule of law–I am even more concerned that Mr. Nunes has has ignored the issues that affect the day-to-day lives of Valley residents like homeless, health care, environmental stewardship, and job creation.

I respectfully ask you to provide a small donation to my efforts and SHARE this post on social media with your friend and family, and everyone who believes we need someone in Congress who will solve problems and reject the hyper-partisanship of Donald Trump and Devin Nunes.