democrat Bobby bliatout for congress.

health care reform that works for everyone. 

The so-called repeal and replace legislation that Devin Nunes voted on earlier this year would have made 30% of my current patients lose their health care coverage. That’s wrong, and in Congress I will fight that sort of mean-spirited approach to health care reform.
— Bobby Bliatout
I believe that all Americans deserve access to quality, affordable health care
— Bobby Bliatout

For the last fifteen years, I have been an executive at a non-profit health care provider. I have seen all the good and bad in our health care system. The good news is that as Americans, we blessed with a high quality of health care that when available, keeps us as healthy as any population in the world. The bad news is that our health care system is very expensive and, for many, hard to access. 

The Affordable Care Act was a good start. But in my opinion the ACA is too complicated and discouraged too many people from taking part. That caused many of the hoped-for cost savings to be lost, so prices didn't go down. 

I believe there is a simple solution to reforming the ACA and making it work for everyone.  America already has a structure to provide high-quality and low-cost health care. It's called Medicare.  Here's the best way to fix the ACA. 


Basic Health Care Plans for all 

This plan would be the basic health care plan for all Americans. The plan would cover all basic health and dental benefits, from yearly physicals to specialists, to emergency and catastrophic care.  Just like Medicare, these plans would find incredible savings by simply cutting back on the red tape involved in health care today. 

reinsurance program with small monthly payments 

In order to make the basic Medicare-for-all option affordable there would be some Cadillac services that would not be available–like purchasing specialized eye glasses, having a solid white tooth filing rather than silver, or cognitive therapy to deal with mental health issues. These could be financed by simply adding a so-called reinsurance option to the Medicare-for-all option. People would simply be asked to pay a small monthly retainer to have these services added. 

Our providers won't change

Some people either driven by profit interest or ideology claim that a Medicare-for-all system would be government-run health care. They are wrong. The biggest difference is that our health insurance plans would be streamlined through a single entity; increasing cost savings and expanding quality health care. Currently, the United States simply doesn't have the public health care infrastructure to provide the necessary services on its own. The truth is that the system would contract those services with the very same companies that provide Americans with their health care today.