Democrat Bobby Bliatout for Congress. 

We can have both jobs & a clean environment.   


There is a belief by some that job creation and environmental sustainability are opposing views. That's an old way of thinking, and for many good reasons, we need to move on that thinking. First of all, as technology advances, sustainable solutions to environmental concerns such as energy, air quality, water, and solid waste management have advanced as well. 

It's also true that green jobs are some of the fastest-growing employment opportunities in California. These are quality jobs that range from engineering to installation in:

  •             The rooftop solar industry (rooftop and solar farms)

  •             Home and commercial HVAC and weatherization.

  •             Wind power

  •             Liquid biofuels

  •             Geothermal

  •             Bio Mas.  

I’m committed to helping bring high-paying green jobs to the Central Valley.
— Bobby Bliatout

Some of my environmental goals in Congress. 

  • Work to provide federal grants to our local universities and community colleges to strengthen curriculum and training.
  • Work to create Biotech & Sustainability Institutes at Cal State Fresno and Bakersfield.  
  • Support the Paris Climate Accords. 
  • Fight efforts to dismantle Clean Air Act gains by the current EPA.