Democrat bobby bliatout for congress

Bobby Bliatout's remarkable life story.

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An American Story

The son of Hmong immigrants, Bobby Bliatout's family were American patriots long before they reached the United States.  His family fought alongside American soldiers to combat communist totalitarianism during the Vietnam War. 

The Hmong people fiercely believe in freedom and liberty. We were willing to fight for those human rights.
— Bobby Bliatout
The Bliatout family: wife, Mouang, son Jarik, son Bryce, Bobby Bliatout

The Bliatout family: wife, Mouang, son Jarik, son Bryce, Bobby Bliatout


a son of the Valley

With the help of the refugee resettlement program, Bobby's family sowed roots in the United States. When Bobby was four years old, his parents moved their family to the Central Valley. Bobby's father worked hard to provide for his family– taking jobs as everything from a Greyhound bus station janitor to a restaurant manager–while he worked his way through college. Eventually, both of Bobby's parents saved enough money to open their own small business. 

Bobby is a gun owner and longtime member of the California Waterfowl Association. 

Still, the influence of street gangs and other anti-social elements were prolific when Bobby was a young man. Bobby found his refuge in nature and education. He became an avid hunter and fisherman. As much as time would allow, Bobby took off into the Sierra foothills to hunt mule deer and fish for bass and trout. Bob also dedicated himself to his education, attending community college and eventually graduating from Cal State-Bakersfield.

Government assistance should not be a crutch but a ladder. There is no shame in asking for help if you keep moving forward to improve your life.
— Bobby Bliatout

Tough times but tougher people

Bobby and his wife, Mouang, are both health care professionals. Mouang works as a registered nurse and Bobby is the Chief Executive Officer of Fresno-based community clinics and a founder and Chief Information and Financial Officer of Sacramento-based community clinics. But life was not always easy. As they worked their way through school and began a family, Bobby and Mouang found it necessary to ask for government assistance to help feed their family for a short time.

That experience shaped Bobby’s sensible approach to public policy. As Bobby puts it, "Let’s work to build the middle class by ensuring that working families have the tools to move into the middle class and middle class people don’t just live pay-check to pay-check but can grow their families’ wealth.”

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I love the United States and I believe deeply in the American Dream. I am dedicated to ensuring that dream for future generations.
— Bobby Bliatout

Realizing the American Dream 

I am deeply blessed to have achieved success. Every day, I thank God, my county, and my family for their support.
— Bobby Bliatout

For a short time, Bobby Bliatout did what many Central Valley residents have done for generations­–he became a farmer.  While Bobby admits that full-time farming wasn’t his passion, he still leases his farm land and has deep appreciation for agriculture.

I believe that Valley agricultural lands are a strategic resource for our nation. We must ensure a reliable supply of water to maintain that resource.
— Bobby Bliatout

Today, Bobby serves as the top executive at Health and Life Organization, Inc. (H.A.L.O.) and Greater Fresno Health Organization (GFHO).  Between the two health care organizations, they provide medical and dental services to more than 100,000 patients and employee nearly 300 people.

Nearly 30% of Bobby’s patients were covered under the Affordable Care Act. When Congress and Devin Nunes decided to make a political football out of people’s health care, Bobby decided he needed to make his voice heard and run for Congress.

Every American deserves affordable, quality health care. I will fight to improve the Affordable Care Act and to protect the retirement security of all Americans
— Bobby Bliatout