yes, i want democrat bobby bliatout to DEFEAT devin nunes.  


A Message from Bobby Bliatout


I am Bobby Bliatout.

I am the son of Hmong refugees. Many of my family members fought with U.S. soldiers against totalitarian communism in Southeast Asia.

Today, the American dream I believe so strongly in is under assault. Middle-class and working families are being left behind.

Donald Trump believes that by dividing Americans, giving the 1% massive tax cuts, ignoring climate change, and attacking the Affordable Care Act, we will somehow make America great again.

At the same time, Congressman Devin Nunes seems more concerned with making excuses for Trump’s behavior and violating people’s right to free speech by suing them rather than with solving local problems.

I am tired of extreme partisanship and conspiracy theories.

We have real problems in the Valley, including some of the lowest rates of health care coverage in the nation, climate change that threatens our water supply, farmlands being in danger, and a serious homeless crisis.

I am a nonprofit healthcare executive, a former farmer, and a family man. I understand the issues that are important to Valley families because I deal with those challenges every day. In Congress, I guarantee my sole focus will be solving real problems; I will leave the conspiracy theories to late-night talk show hosts.